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Join the crowd of companies who celebrate and cherish diversity and help fight prejudice and discrimination. Show your customer that your company or organisation value inclusion by adding the Diversity Badge to your website today. Join some of the worlds largest companies by taking a stand on diversity. Care for a read? Check out the overwhelming business case for diversity.

What does your business stand for?

Show your commitment for a better tomorrow by letting your customer know that you don’t accept discrimination of any kind. With a Diversity Badge on your company site we stand together against discrimination – online aswell as offline. There’s no business nor humanity in treating people differently. Join the project and get your Diversity Badge today.

Our goal with an online badge

Diversity Badge aims to fight discrimination by celebrating diversity. In response to the recent growing backlash against minority groups all over Europe, Uniteds States etc. we find it necessary to gather business owners in a celebration of diversity. No one should suffer from discrimination, no matter their color, religion, sexual orientation, disabillities, age, gender or political observation. We believe in inclusion rather than exclusion.

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Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your membership will only last for the period of time which you have paid for.

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After your order has been placed you'll receive your badge within minutes and we will add your company to our list of partners within 24 hours.

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The diversity badge is free.

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